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Christ Temple Church of Pittsburgh Pennsylvania Inc was founded by William Lewis Rawlings, Sr. in 1934.  The church began on Hamilton Avenue; later moved to Enterprise Street and then to Paulson Avenue before moving to 258 Columbia Avenue in Penn Hills, Pennsylvania, a building which he built, with the help of his children, and brothers in the Lord, with his own hands.

Services were held on the first floor of a house, and he and his family lived on the second floor. In the 1950s a new church building was built next door. 258 Columbia was sold in 2002. Christ Temple Church of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania purchased 7037 Mount Vernon, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15208, in 2001.  District Elder William L . Rawlings was well-respected, and was known for his tall, stately appearance and his vast knowledge of the word of God.

William Lewis Rawlings, Sr.
Elder W.L. Rawlings, Sr

District Elder Albert E. Rawlings, Sr. served as assistant pastor of Christ Temple Church under his father, District Elder W. L. Rawlings, Sr until his health failed him. With his wife, affectionately known as Mom Rawlings, District Elder Rawlings was father to 14 natural children and many children in the Lord throughout the years. He loved the people of God and faithfully served under his father.  Well-versed in the word of God, he was a preacher and teacher of the Word.

Elder Albert E. Rawlings, Sr

In approximately 1990, having been raised in the Gospel under District Elder W.L. Rawlings, Sr. for many years, and along side his brother in Christ, District Elder Albert Rawlings, Sr., District Elder Leroy Robinson became pastor of Christ Temple Church and remained pastor until his death in September 2017. He was a sought-after preacher with friends throughout Pennsylvania and beyond. He never forgot his roots and always acknowledged and always gave homage to his Father in the Gospel.

Pastor Marvin A. Rawlings, Sr

In October 2017, Pastor Marvin A. Rawlings, Sr. was granted Pastorship of Christ Temple Church of Pittsburgh to continue the legacy of his grandfather and father. Pastor Marvin re-dedicated his life to the Lord in 1990 and was later ordained associate Pastor under Bishop Gerald G. Loyd. He served there until 2002 at which time he felt the call to assist in his brother’s, the late A. Curtis Rawlings, Sr, ministry, Covenant Church on the Hill. After Pastor Curtis’ death, Pastor Marvin continued serving under his wife, Pastor Ella Rawlings for several years. In 2012, joined and Pastor Marvin was installed as Assistant Pastor at New Life Family Worship Center, under his brother-in-law, District Elder James O. Edwell, Jr

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